Why have a conference on sexuality?

One of the growing concerns in our culture is the topic of sexuality. It is a complicated issue and many in the church are apprehensive about discussing it even while there are many within the church struggling. We need to explore a biblical view of sexuality. This conference will help begin the conversation.

What are we trying to accomplish?

It is impossible to answer all of the many questions around this topic, but we hope that we can begin to see that our sexuality is relevant to the Christian faith. The Lord made us sexual beings on purpose, and if we do not take time to explore the implications of that, we will continue to see confusion and frustration in our culture.

Who is welcome?

Anyone, of course! This conference is for the one who is struggling or for the one who has a loved one that is struggling. It is for the person who is a part of the church as well as the person that thinks the church is a strange place. If you have any level of interest in the topic, we hope you will join us no matter what your background is.

What perspective will we be coming from?

The leaders of the conference and the hosting church are evangelical Christians, meaning we believe (among other things) that the Bible is the ultimate authority in our lives. Hence, as we discuss and share, the Scriptures will be our foundation. This does not mean that we do not want others to participate and share. We welcome and respect others’ perspectives, and we hope we will receive that same courtesy.

How much does it cost to register?

$10.00 through February 12.
$15.00 after February 12.

Where is the conference being hosted?

The conference will take place Saturday, February 18 at New City Fellowship Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. New City is a cross-cultural, urban church with emphasis on ministering to the inner city of Chattanooga. Click here to learn more.