Mark Yarhouse addresses how to approach the discussion of the formation of sexual identity and homosexuality.

Secret Thoughts of and Unlikely Convert: From the 2014 ERLC National Conference, Rosaria Butterfield discusses “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage.”

How do we respond to the needs of victims of abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault? Dennis Hollinger takes time to give pastoral encouragement for the Church in engaging with this issue.

Professor Wesley Hill of Trinity College discusses the value and potential in friendship that often goes unrecognized in the modern Christian community. Hill relates his own experience and the experience of friends struggling with same-sex attraction, saying that perhaps an elevated understanding of friendship could change the conversation on homosexuality and celibacy.

Sex addiction is one of the most common but least talked about afflictions in modern society. Expert Mark Laaser tells us what it is and how to address it in this insightful video.